Pledge Drive

Our Spring Pledge Drive was a great success! 
Your generosity helped us raise over $90,000.
If you would like to donate, click on the button on the top right-hand side of the page.  Thank you, and God bless!
Our Fall Pledge Drive will be October 15th, 16th, and 17th and feature our local Catholic Schools. 


Tuesday Schedule

Line up for Tuesday, May 7th                                                                

7am-8am – LA Catholic Morning with Archbishop Rodi

8am-9am – Fr. Bry Shields– St. Ignatius Parish

9am-10am – Fr. Pat Arensberg– Holy Name of Jesus Parish

10am-11am – Fr. Victor Ingalls– Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Mobile

11am-12pm – Fr. Pat Driscoll– St Dominic Parish

12pm-1pm – Fr. Jim Dane– St. Thomas by the Sea Parish

2pm-3pm – Fr. David Tokarz– Our Savior Parish

3pm-4pm – Fr. Andrew Jones– Little Flower Parish

4pm-5pm – Marty O’Malley– L’Arche

Wednesday Schedule

Line up for Wednesday, May 8th                                                               

7am-8am- Fr. Steve Williams– St. Lawrence Parish

8am-9am – The Importance of Catholic Radio

9am-10am – Fr. Baskar– Christ the King Parish

10am-11am – Msgr. Wall– St. Mary Parish

11am-12pm – Fr. James Cink– Blessed Seelos Parish

12pm-1pm – Fr. Savoie– St. Pius X Parish

2pm-3pm – Rob Herbst– Editor of The Catholic Week

3pm-4pm – Eric Cromwell and Beth Perkins– March For Life Mobile

4pm-5pm – LA Catholic Morning in the Afternoon

Thursday Schedule

Line up for Tuesday, May 9th                                                                

7am-8am –  LA Catholic Morning with Fr. Paul Zoghby– St. Margaret of Scotland

8am-9am –  Mike O’Neill– Speaker at this year’s 1410 Dinner

9am-10am – Deacon Ronnie Hathorne– Diaconate in the Archdiocese of Mobile

10am-11am – Fr. Jim Morrison– St. Patrick Parish

11am – 12pm – Fr. James Dean– St. Joseph Parish

12pm – 1pm – Fr. Steven Vrazel– St Vincent DePaul Parish

2pm-3pm – Tom Riello & Fr. Wayne Youngman– Water Cooler Catechism

3pm-4pm – Fr. Sherwin Monteron– St. John the Baptist Parish, Grand Bay

4pm-5pm – Wrap up Hour

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