Join host, Todd Sylvester, and producer Mike Romano, weekday mornings at 7am where they have a great time sharing  their Catholic faith and getting to  talk with national and local guests on topics affecting the Church today. It’s the universal Church, with an Alabama flavor, ya’ll!!

 Monday 2/11 – Fr James Dean-Strategies used by the Devil when we’re progressing in holiness/Mailbag/Ryan and Rose Mary Verret-Witness to Love project

Tuesday 2/12 – Pat Arensberg-Be Prepared segments/Dr Jennifer Roback Morse-National Marriage Week and the Cardinal Mahoney petition

Wednesday 2/13 – Fr Tad Pacholczyk-The welcome outreach of perinatal hospice/Is artificial insemination wrong? Even amoung married couples?

Thursday 2/14 Fr Paul Zoghby-Sweet story of St’s Louis and Zellie Martin/Heavenly role of an altar server/Rob Herbst-Catholic Week Preview

Friday 2/15 – Tom Riello-Catholic Culture in the US/Tom McDonald-50th Anniversary of the movie rating system/Sunday Gospel reflection with Fr Mateusz Rudzik

Monday 2/18- Fr Pat Driscoll-Receiving the order of sacraments/Mailbag/Dale Ahlquist-Knight of the Holy Ghost

Tuesday 2/19 – Sohrab Ahmari-From Fire, By Water/Kathy Schiffer-Reason behind the postures at Mass.

Wednesday 2/20 – Dr Michael Coulter-Mexico City Policy/Mike Aquilina-Early Church Fathers on Tradition/Rob Artigo-Voting Rights in California for 17 year olds and Ex-Felons

Thursday 2/21 – Fr Paul Zoghby-Topics TBD/Ellen Taylor-Blogosphere

Friday 2/22 – Tom Riello-Topic TBD/Tom McDonald-Film or tv show tbd/Sunday Gospel reflection with Fr Pat Arensberg


 Tuesday, January 1 – 

Wednesday, January 2 – Live Hour (1-2-19)

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Monday, January 7 – Live Hour (1-7-19)

Tuesday, January 8 – Live Hour (1-8-19)

Wednesday, January 9 – Live Hour (1-9-19)

Thursday, January 10 – Live Hour (1-10-19)

Friday, January 11 – Live Hour (1-11-19)

Monday, January 14 – Live Hour (1-14-19)

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Wednesday, January 16 – Live Hour (1-16-19)

Thursday, January 17 – Live Hour (1-17-19)

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March for Life Mobile 2019 – 

Monday, January 21 – Live Hour (1-21-19)

Tuesday, January 22 – Live Hour (1-22-19)

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Friday, January 25 – Live Hour (1-25-19)

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Wednesday, January 30 – Live Hour (1-30-19)

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Friday, February 1 – Live Hour (2-1-19)

Monday, February 4 – Live Hour (2-4-19)

Tuesday, February 5 – Live Hour (2-5-19)

Wednesday, February 6 – Live Hour (2-6-19)

Thursday, February 7 – Live Hour (2-7-19)

Friday, February 8 – Live Hour (2-8-19)

Monday, February 11 – Live Hour (2-11-19)

Tuesday, February 12 – Live Hour (2-12-19)

Wednesday, February 13 – Live Hour (2-13-19)

Thursday, February 14 – Live Hour (2-14-19)

Friday, February 15 – Live Hour (2-15-19)


To find out more about a specific guest, or download an episode or see the Youtube version, just click the show title.  Also, for archived episodes on Youtube click here.  You could also find the show on archive on the Archangel Radio app and on podcast on Itunes or your podcast app, just search: “Live Hour Archangel Radio”


Co-Host, Todd Sylvester – Todd Sylvester has been host of the Live Hour for the last few years on Archangel Radio. In his other free time, he’s the youth minister at St. Lawrence and the father of ten. A graduate of Steubenville, he’s the first one to tell you that he’s a Catholic geek. Production Coordinator, Mike Romano – husband, and father of three (3) beautiful children (Donnie, Jordan, and Stella). Before moving to L.A (Lower Alabama, that is) he worked as a radio producer for EWTN, where many of the promos he voiced and produced can still be heard.  He is also the narrator for EWTN’s Children’s animated show, Tomkin. Mike has been a comedian, and voice actor in both Chicago and LA, where he performed nightly at The World Famous Comedy Store. His impression of Alabama’s football coach, Nick Saban as a car salesman for Cooper Chevy Buick went viral and was featured on ESPN and The Paul Finebaum show. Click here to see the video!

(pictured left to right: Mike Romano and Todd Sylvester)

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