LA Catholic Morning is a fresh, local morning show with compelling conversations of news and faith. Co-hosts, Michelle McAloon and Todd Sylvester take on challenging discussions of culture as filtered through our Catholic faith. LA Catholic Morning airs Monday through Friday from 7am to 8am, with replays at 9pm on WNGL 1410AM and 94.5FM Mobile. The show is also available on our website or the Archangel Radio app.

 Monday 4/22 – Fr Pat Driscoll-Why the Liturgy is the best form of Mass mediaMailbag/Fr Chris Boutin-Weekly Inspiration

Tuesday 4/23 – Fr Victor Ingalls-Vocations update/How to create a culture of vocations/News Recap

Wednesday 4/24 – Tom Riello-Archbishop Rodi’s article on the Fear of the Lord/Dr Bridget Hanahan-Ministering to post abortive persons/Q&A with Dr Hanahan

Thursday 4/25 – Bob Grip-Life in retirement/Thomas Merton course at Spring Hill/Rob Herbst-Article of Interest and Catholic Week Preview.

Friday 4/26 – Tom McDonald-Avengers:End Game/Mary Jo Wilson-Divine Mercy Sunday/Fr Jim Cink-Sunday Gospel reflection.

Monday 4/29 – Fr Pat Driscoll-Topic TBD/Mailbag/Fr Chris Boutin-Weekly inspiration

Tuesday 4/30 – Phil Williams-Alabama Policy Institute on Abortion laws and regulations in Alabama/Kathy Schiffer-Topic TBD/News recap

Wednesday 5/1 – Gary Zimak-Let Go, Let God/Tom Riello-Topic TBD/Maria Johnson-Our Lady of Charity

Thursday 5/2 – Faustin Weber-Beauty as a means to an end/5 Lies our culture tells us/Ellen Taylor-Blogosphere

Friday 5/3 – Tom McDonald-Film or tv show TBD/Faith in Action segment-Guest TBD/Sunday Gospel reflection with Fr Andrew Jones

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Friday, February 1 – Live Hour (2-1-19)

Monday, February 4 – Live Hour (2-4-19)

Tuesday, February 5 – Live Hour (2-5-19)

Wednesday, February 6 – Live Hour (2-6-19)

Thursday, February 7 – Live Hour (2-7-19)

Friday, February 8 – Live Hour (2-8-19)

Monday, February 11 – Live Hour (2-11-19)

Tuesday, February 12 – Live Hour (2-12-19)

Wednesday, February 13 – Live Hour (2-13-19)

Thursday, February 14 – Live Hour (2-14-19)

Friday, February 15 – Live Hour (2-15-19)

Monday, February 18 – Live Hour (2-18-19)

Tuesday, February 19 – Live Hour (2-19-19)

Wednesday, February 20 – Live Hour (2-20-19)

Thursday, February 21 – Live Hour (2-21-19)

Friday, February 22 – Live Hour (2-25-19)

Monday, February 25 – Live Hour (2-25-19)

Tuesday, February 26 – Live Hour (2-26-19)

Wednesday, February 27 – Live Hour (2-27-19)

Thursday, February 28 – Live Hour (2-28-19)

Friday, March 1 – Live Hour (3-1-19)

Monday, March 4 – Live Hour (3-4-19)

Tuesday, March 5 – Live Hour (3-5-19)

Wednesday, March 6 –

Thursday, March 7 – Live Hour (3-7-19)

Friday, March 8 – Live Hour (3-8-19)

Monday, March 11 – Live Hour (3-11-19)

Tuesday, March 12 – Live Hour (3-12-19)

Wednesday, March 13 – Live Hour (3-13-19)

Thursday, March 14 – Live Hour (3-14-19)

Friday, March 15 – Live Hour (3-15-19)

Monday, March 18 – LA Catholic Morning (3-18-19)

Tuesday, March 19 – LA Catholic Morning (3-19-19)

Wednesday, March 20 – LA Catholic Morning (3-20-19)

Thursday, March 21 – LA Catholic Morning (3-21-19)

Friday, March 22 – LA Catholic Morning (3-22-19)

Monday, March 25 – LA Catholic Morning (3-25-19)

Tuesday, March 26 – LA Catholic Morning (3-26-19)

Wednesday, March 27 – LA Catholic Morning (3-27-19)

Thursday, March 28 – LA Catholic Morning (3-28-19)

Friday, March 29 – LA Catholic Morning (3-29-19)

Monday, April 1 – LA Catholic Morning (4-1-19)

Tuesday, April 2 – LA Catholic Morning (4-2-2019)

Wednesday, April 3 – LA Catholic Morning (4-3-19)

Thursday, April 4 – LA Catholic Morning (4-4-19)

Friday, April 5 –

Monday, April 8 –

Tuesday, April 9 LA Catholic Morning (4-9-19)     

Part 2 Part 2 (Interview with Joel Stepanek)

Wednesday, April 10 – LA Catholic Morning (4-10-19)

Thursday, April 11 – LA Catholic Morning (4-11-19)

Friday, April 12 – LA Catholic Morning (4-12-19)

Monday, April 15 – LA Catholic Morning (4-15-19)

Tuesday, April 16 – LA Catholic Morning (4-16-19)

Wednesday, April 17 – LA Catholic Morning (4-17-19)

Thursday, April 18 – LA Catholic Morning (4-18-19)


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Co-Host, Todd Sylvester – Todd Sylvester has been the host of the Live Hour for the last few years on Archangel Radio. In his other free time, he’s the youth minister at St. Lawrence and the father of ten. A graduate of Steubenville, he’s the first one to tell you that he’s a Catholic geek. Production Coordinator, Mike Romano – husband, and father of three (3) beautiful children (Donnie, Jordan, and Stella). Before moving to L.A (Lower Alabama, that is) he worked as a radio producer for EWTN, where many of the promos he voiced and produced can still be heard.  He is also the narrator for EWTN’s Children’s animated show, Tomkin. Mike has been a comedian, and voice actor in both Chicago and LA, where he performed nightly at The World Famous Comedy Store. His impression of Alabama’s football coach, Nick Saban as a car salesman for Cooper Chevy Buick went viral and was featured on ESPN and The Paul Finebaum show. Click here to see the video!  And lastly, we welcome Michelle McAloon!  Michelle is the wife of an Army officer, the mother of three sons, a retired Army officer, and a canon lawyer. My family and I lived overseas for 17 years, returning to the States two years ago. Our final posting was in Paris where I studied canon law at Institut Catholique de Paris. I also have a masters degree in theology. When not ranting about canon law and politics my extroverted personality loves being in communion with others, playing bad tennis, reading French spy novels and goofing around with my family. On a more serious note, I do not want to say that I work in the Tribunal…

(pictured left to right: Mike Romano and Todd Sylvester)

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