Archangel Communications proclaims Catholic Truth in fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church by broadcasting radio programs and by delivering Christ’s teachings through other various means including social media and personal interaction. Building on our deep, southern Catholic heritage, Archangel Communications works diligently to become a major communication apostolate for Catholic teaching and a central hub for the Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama. Archangel strives to reflect the many local Catholic traditions as it encourages us all to be mindful of our baptismal call.


Archangel Communications embraces the “New Evangelization” by encouraging Catholics in the Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama and beyond to continue their conversion through the Sacraments.

Additionally, Archangel Communications seeks to assist all Christians and non-Christians in encountering the fullness of the Faith available only in the Catholic Church with quality and entertaining programming, events and faith-building opportunities.

Archangel Communications recognizes Christ’s desire to call all people unto himself, and strives to create what the Church has determined is Good, True and Beautiful, so that we may contribute to the spiritual growth and salvation of souls throughout the world.

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